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Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Though the vehicles today in the US are the most advanced, car accidents are happening largely due to distracted driving, failure to follow traffic rules, and other kinds of driver negligence. Every year, thousands of people get severe injuries or lose their lives because of someone else’s wrongful actions. 

If involved in a car accident in Indiana, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our car accident lawyers at the Injury Lawyer Team accept all personal injury cases on a contingency fee agreement. This means no upfront fees are paid until we resolve your claim. Contact our team for a free case consultation. 

Key Statistics and Facts on Car Accidents in Indiana 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 42,795 people in the United States lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2022.

In Indiana, from 2019 to 2022, the number of traffic fatalities increased by 18% and the fatality rate per 100 million VMT rose by 20%, as reported by a National Transportation Research Nonprofit (TRIP). These numbers have soared even higher in recent times. 

In 2022, more than 46,526 people suffered injuries in Indiana vehicle accidents. The state had an estimated 95 traffic fatalities, which is 12% higher than the previous year.

Our proficient Indiana Car Accident Lawyers are dedicated to helping victims on their journey to justice and holding accountable those who are at fault. 

Contact our Indiana car accident lawyers to schedule a free consultation. All confidential or sensitive information shared with your Indiana car accident lawyer remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Indiana 

Every year, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) analyzes data related to the annual number of car crashes and fatalities. Their research examines the top causes behind Indiana car accidents, which are: 

car driver in Indiana
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • Speeding 
  • Distracted and drowsy driving 
  • Not wearing a seatbelt 
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to yield
  • Reversing vehicles in an unsafe manner 
  • Running red lights 
  • Accidents caused by pedestrian mistakes 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports the number of people killed in alcohol-related crashes increased 22% from 2019 to 2022. 

Car crashes caused by the above reasons can lead to devastating injuries and lasting psychological effects. At the Injury Lawyer Team, car accident lawyers have won millions in compensation for our clients.

Common Injuries Sustained in Indiana Car Accident 

Auto collisions can result in minor to catastrophic injuries, which may require emergency medical treatment, such as:

  • Broken Bones: Fractures and bone fractures can happen when arms and legs collide with the dashboard or seat. Car accidents may cause broken ribs. 
  • Head Trauma: Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are capable of causing severe forms of head trauma. TBIs can lead to headaches, dizziness, or even memory loss.
  • Internal Bleeding: Internal bleeding can occur when your body suffers sudden force trauma, being hit by a moving vehicle. It can also rupture internal organs like spleens and livers.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Car accidents in Indiana can damage the spinal column when impacted by blunt force. These injuries can cause nerve damage, temporary or permanent paralysis, and impairments. 
  • Whiplash: Whiplash commonly particularly occurs in rear-end car accidents, where the sudden impact causes the neck to rapidly jerk forward and then backward, straining the muscles and ligaments.
  • Cuts, Lacerations, Sprains, and Strains 

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Proof of diagnosis like X-rays, blood tests, and imaging scan results reduces the chances of health insurance companies declining your accident claims. An experienced car accident attorney in Indians will help prove your injuries and recover fair recompense. 

What are the Types of Car Accident Cases in Indiana? 

There are many different types of motor vehicle accidents, but the following types tend to happen more often:

  • Head-on collisions, which occur when two cars are traveling in the opposite direction and collide at speed, resulting in serious injuries. 
  • Rear-end crashes occur when the front end of one vehicle strikes the rear of another vehicle. Out of 6 million crashes in the US, 2.5 million are rear-end accidents. 
  • Rollover accidents are the most deadly crash, accounting for over 30% of all vehicle accident fatalities. They can happen by swerving suddenly, running off the road, or by force of another vehicle. Dangerous road conditions may also cause rollovers. 
  • Sideswipe accidents, which occur when two cars traveling parallel to each other make contact. Sideswipe collisions happen because of driver negligence, drifting out of a lane, or failure to yield.
  • Side-impact or T-bone collisions, in which one car strikes another in a perpendicular direction. In such crashes, the body gets tossed violently back and forth, causing fractures, organ damage, or even death. 

All details on the car accident are recorded in an Indiana crash report, specifying vehicle models, location, positions, and insurance companies of parties involved. 

The Indiana car accident lawyers at the Injury Lawyer Team will evaluate your crash report to strategize for success in your auto accident case. 

What Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Indiana? 

Whatever you do immediately after a motor vehicle accident, can significantly impact your chances to receive settlement for your losses.

Here are the critical steps to take following a car accident in Indiana:

  • Pull Over to a Safer Place: If you are involved in a car accident, pull over immediately to a safer area. You should turn on your hazard lights to warn other motorists, preventing further accidents and injuries.
  • Call 911: Call police and emergency medical responders for help. Report your car accident if it has resulted in injury, entrapment, or death.
  • Gather Evidence: Take photos or videos of the crash scene including property damage, vehicle positions, and other evidence like skid marks. Collect information from bystanders and witnesses to use later for your accident case. 
  • Receive Medical Attention: Accident injuries may be extremely fatal and can take a long time to heal. Get medical treatment as soon as possible from medical professionals. 
  • Contact a Car Accident Lawyer: Before providing a statement to the insurance company or accepting a settlement offer, contact a car accident lawyer in Indiana to understand your legal rights and how much your claim may be worth. 
lawyer for Indiana car accident burn injuries

How To Prove Liability in Indiana Car Accident Case? 

Indiana is a fault state, which means that you have to prove fault to recover damages and the driver who caused the accident is liable for paying the damages. According to a traffic safety study conducted by Insurify, Indiana ranked 10th for drivers with an at-fault accident on their record. 

In an Indiana car accident case, it is obligatory for the plaintiff or claimant to prove the following:

  1. The defendant had a responsibility to exercise care.
  2. The defendant failed to fulfill this duty.
  3. The breach of duty by the defendant directly resulted in harm to the claimant. 

A car accident lawyer will prove liability for the accident based on evidence such as:

  • Photos or videos of the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports of the incident
  • Testimonies from accident reconstruction specialists 
  • Footage from traffic surveillance cameras 
  • Medical treatment records 

Sometimes, proving liability can be tricky. There could be a lack of evidence, or multiple parties at fault that could be liable for the accident. That’s why, engaging with a seasoned car accident lawyer will help determine liability for the accident. 

Comparative Negligence for Indiana Car Accidents 

The state of Indiana follows a “modified comparative negligence” rule that dictates the amount of compensation the injured party is able to recover. The amount of recovery will depend on the percentage of fault attributed to the injured party for their share of liability.

Let’s say, if you suffered $100,000 worth of damages after a car accident but are 30% at fault, your compensation will be decreased to $70,000. However, if proven to be more than 50% at fault, you cannot recover damages. 

Statute Of Limitations For Indiana Car Accidents 

A statute of limitations is a legal deadline that states how much time you have to file your lawsuit. Like most US states, the statute of limitations in Indiana to file your lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident.

Failing to file your lawsuit or claim within the two-year time limit will restrict you from recovering any damages. Always consult an Indiana car accident attorney on the statute of limitations before moving ahead with your case.

What Types Of Accident Damages Can I Claim Compensation for?

There are a range of damages that you may be able to claim, so long as you can prove that the other driver was negligent. An Indiana car accident injury lawyer ensures you receive compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Physical injuries, disability, and impairment
  • Mental and emotional suffering 
  • Cost of vehicle repairs and damage
  • Lost income and earning capacity
  • Hospital bills
  • Physical therapy costs 
  • Damages to property like buildings, fences, utility poles, entry gates, etc. 
  • Loss of use of vehicle
  • Diminished value of vehicle

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Punitive damages are sometimes awarded for a defendant’s negligent act that causes an injury. For example, a drunk-driving car crash or hit-and-run accident in Indiana is where the victim may pursue punitive damages against the other driver. 

Working with an experienced car accident attorney helps you calculate these costs accurately, evaluate your claim, and advocate for maximum compensation.

How Can an Indiana Car Accident Help? 

Hiring an expert car accident lawyer is critical to securing your legal rights and the fair compensation you deserve. The Injury Lawyer Team offers comprehensive legal services tailored to the requirements of your car accident case.

  • Expert Legal Representation: Our car accident attorneys provide expert legal guidance, leveraging their years of experience in car accident litigation to handle the complexities of your case.
  • Risk-Free Consultation: Our law firm offers a free initial consultation for case evaluation and provides your legal options without any obligation. 
  • Proven Success: The Injury Lawyer Team has a record of successful settlements and verdicts in motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence.

Injured in an Indiana Car Accident? Let our Attorneys Fight for the Compensation You Deserve.

Have you or a loved one suffered injuries or lost their lives in a car accident in Indiana? Do you want to hold the driver at fault accountable for their negligence? The Indiana car accident lawyers at the Injury Lawyer Team, sponsored by Rosenfeld Law Offices, can advocate for your rights and ensure you secure maximum compensation from the defendant’s insurance company. 

Contact us today at (888) 4245757 to schedule a free case evaluation. All confidential or sensitive information you share with your Indiana car accident lawyer remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

We accept every Indiana car accident case through contingency fee agreements. This agreement guarantees that you pay nothing until your Indiana car accident attorney resolves your case through a negotiated settlement or jury award.