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Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

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Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

The negligence or oversight of others can result in severe injuries, leaving victims to navigate a difficult recovery path. Such situations often involve intricate legal and insurance issues, which can be overwhelming for the injured and their families.

The Injury Lawyer Team specializes in managing these complexities. We advocate for our clients’ rights and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes.


In Aurora, personal injury civil law covers a wide range of cases, from motor vehicle accidents to nursing home abuse. The Injury Lawyer Team is skilled in navigating these complex legal waters, ensuring that clients receive fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

Understanding Personal Injury Civil Law

Personal injury civil law addresses harm caused to individuals due to another’s negligence or wrongful actions, including scenarios like car accidents, medical malpractice, and workplace injuries. Our Aurora attorneys are proficient in handling these cases, defending clients’ rights vigorously.

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Providing Legal Support to Families in the Aurora 

Our responsibilities as personal injury attorneys in Aurora include ensuring that clients and their families receive the justice and compensation they deserve. We specialize in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

Essential Aurora Support Network for Personal Injury Recovery

In Aurora, Illinois, victims of personal injury due to others’ negligence have access to a variety of crucial resources for assistance, including county courthouses, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals.

County Courthouses

County courthouses are where legal proceedings related to tort cases take place. They provide a venue for victims to seek justice and claim compensation. The courthouses in the Aurora area include:

  • Kane County Courthouse: 100 S. Third Street, Geneva, Illinois 60134
  • Kane County Judicial Center: 37W777 Route 38, St. Charles, Illinois 60175
  • Kane County Juvenile Justice Center: 37W655 Route 38, St. Charles, Illinois 60175
  • Kane County Branch Court: 530 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60174
  • Aurora Branch Court: 1200 East Indian Trail Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505

Law Enforcement

Local and county law enforcement agencies provide critical support in the aftermath of personal injuries. Law enforcement offices in Aurora and surrounding areas include:

  • Aurora Police Department: 1200 East Indian Trail Road, Aurora, IL 60505
  • DuPage County Sheriff’s Department: 501 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187


Hospitals are essential for immediate medical attention following severe to catastrophic injury. Some hospitals and medical centres in the Aurora area include:

  • Copley Memorial Hospital: 2000 Ogden Avenue, Aurora, IL 60504
  • Ascension Mercy Hospital: 1325 N. Highland Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506
  • Rush Copley Medical Center: 2000 Ogden Avenue, Aurora, IL 60504
  • Aurora Medical Center: 143 S. Lincoln Avenue, Aurora, IL 60505
  • Kaiser Permanente: 157 S. Lincoln Avenue, Aurora, IL 60505

For injured victims, having information about and access to these local resources is essential.

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Our experienced team of injury lawyers is dedicated to representing victims and guiding them through the legal process. Their expertise in establishing negligence and negotiating fair monetary recovery is crucial for clients seeking justice.

Vehicle Collision Cases

Vehicle collisions, including car and truck accidents, involve complex interactions with insurance companies. Our team ensures that accident victims receive full compensation for their injuries, handling all aspects of these intricate cases.

Medical Professional Negligence

Medical malpractice cases require a deep understanding of both legal and medical issues. Our attorneys handle cases involving surgical errors, misdiagnoses, and other medical negligence, holding healthcare professionals accountable.

Injuries on Others’ Premises

Injuries on someone else’s property, such as slip and fall incidents, require a nuanced understanding of premises liability law. Our team investigates these cases, establishes liability, and pursues rightful compensation for clients.

Prescription Drug Mistakes

Errors in prescribing or administering medication can have devastating consequences. Our lawyers handle these cases, ensuring justice and compensation for the affected.

Mistreatment in Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a grave concern. Our firm advocates for the rights of elders, taking legal action to stop mistreatment and protect the vulnerable.

Harmful Pharmaceuticals and Faulty Products

Personal injury law covers injuries caused by defective drugs and products. Our attorneys hold manufacturers accountable for the harm their products cause.


Navigating the legal process in injury cases can be daunting. Our lawyers guide clients through every step, ensuring a thorough and effective approach to their cases.

Beginning Steps: Consultation and Evaluation

The initial consultation allows our team to understand the case specifics and formulate a strategy tailored to each client’s situation.

Case Development and Evidence Gathering

Building a solid injury case involves meticulous evidence gathering and case building. Our team collects crucial evidence, secures expert testimony, and crafts compelling arguments.

Negotiations with Insurance Entities

Negotiating with insurance companies is critical. Our lawyers employ effective strategies to ensure equitable settlements for clients, reflecting the full extent of their injuries and losses.


Achieving just compensation is a primary goal. Our team ensures clients are fairly compensated for their injuries and the impact on their lives.

Estimating Compensation Amounts

Determining compensation involves assessing medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. Our attorneys accurately calculate these amounts, ensuring clients receive the compensation they need and deserve.

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress

Our attorneys are skilled in accurately calculating these amounts, ensuring that clients receive the compensation they need and deserve.


Choosing the right lawyer is crucial for a successful outcome. Our Aurora personal injury lawyers stand out for their dedication, expertise, and successful track record.

Dedication to Client Needs

Our law offices prioritize each client’s unique needs and well-being, ensuring personalized care and attention throughout the legal process.

Our success rate in securing favorable outcomes is a testament to our commitment and expertise, reflected in significant settlements and verdicts.


Engaging a skilled injury attorney is essential for successfully navigating compensation claims. Our lawyers provide expert representation, ensuring a successful outcome.

Arranging a Meeting for Consultation

To begin the process of seeking justice and compensation, individuals can easily arrange a free consultation with The Injury Lawyer Team by calling (888) 424-5757. This initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss the case’s specifics, explore legal options, and plan the next steps toward achieving a successful outcome.

Our Aurora personal injury lawyers accept all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning no upfront fees are paid until your Aurora personal injury attorney wins your personal injury claim.

Free Legal Consultations Top Aurora Accident Lawyers Over $250 Million Recovered (888) 424-5757

Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

Our professional Aurora personal injury lawyers know that many families have unanswered questions about resolving compensation cases when dealing with insurance companies. Our accident injury lawyer has answered some of those questions below.

Contact our Aurora law office today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or through the contact form to discuss your legal issues. All information you share concerning your personal injury case remains confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

Our law firm is only a short drive away from downtown Aurora. However, our injury lawyers will meet you at your home or office.

We work on a contingency fee arrangement, so unless we get a financial settlement, there is no fee you must pay. Call us any time of day for a free consultation, and we can confidentially discuss your case.

Do injured victims need a personal injury attorney?

Hiring an attorney to handle a personal injury claim is not legally required. Victims can easily file all the required paperwork without assistance and represent themselves in front of the judge in simple accidents without injuries or death.

However, to ensure that they successfully resolve their lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer representing their best interests can maximize the compensation they will receive. Statistics show that plaintiffs received significantly more monetary recovery using a personal injury lawyer than those who go it alone.

When should you contact a personal injury lawyer?

While not legally required, having an attorney maximizes the compensation received. Data shows that injured parties who hire a lawyer recover approximately 3.5 times more compensation, on average than unrepresented parties. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss the case and what injury victims can expect to receive in a settlement or jury verdict.

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Nearly every personal injury attorney will provide legal services in various practice areas, including motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle injuries, construction site accidentsmedical malpracticenursing home neglect, defective drugs, premises liability, and wrongful death.

Nearly all personal injury claims are based on negligence when someone fails to use reasonable care to prevent property damage, catastrophic injury, or death. These lawsuits are often based on the negligent or intentional act of one person/business (the defendant) carelessly injuring another (the plaintiff).

Who is the best personal injury lawyer in Aurora?

The Injury Lawyer Team is one of the largest law firms in Chicago by revenue, ranking first in the number of personal injury attorneys categories. The company provides legal services in various practice areas in Aurora, the state of Illinois, and the United States.

Jonathan Rosenfeld is at the helm of the client-based law firm with a successful track record of resolving complex cases and has obtained more than $250 million on behalf of his clients. The law firm’s experienced personal injury attorneys and paralegals build strong cases mostly resolved through negotiated maximum compensation settlements.

What question should I ask Aurora’s personal injury lawyers?

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle a compensation case can ensure that your legal interests are represented during the negotiated settlement meeting or at trial. Typically, the victim will work closely with their attorney and consider them a trusted advisor.

Before deciding on the best lawyer to handle your case, consider asking pertinent questions, including

  • What is your success rate in handling personal injury cases like mine?
  • What are your legal fees for injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits?
  • Will I be expected to pay any fees upfront?
  • Am I responsible for all case-related expenses if I lose my case?
  • How much time will be devoted to my case?
  • What is the typical time to resolve a personal injury case like mine?
  • If my personal injury case has to go to trial, what is your success rate in front of jurors?
  • What is the value of my personal injury case?
  • How much will I be expected to participate in my personal injury lawsuit?
What is the average payout for a personal injury case?

Approximately 95% of all personal injury cases are resolved through negotiated settlements, usually for an amount based on the claim’s actual value, if the injured party hired a personal injury lawyer for legal representation.

The average payout for a personal injury case is difficult to calculate based on the unique circumstances of each lawsuit. Typically, a plaintiff was severe injuries or family members who lost a loved one through wrongful death are likely to receive significantly more money than a plaintiff resolving a fender bender case.

That said, on average, most personal injury cases involving car accidents are resolved through settlements ranging from $10,000-$52,000. Medical malpractice cases could settle for $350,000-$1 million or more.